Thursday, 19 May 2016

Being a terrible wargamer

The truth is I have been a terrible war gamer since I got back into the hobby in 2011. I'm not particularly talented in the artistic side of the hobby, I wouldn't even say I was mediocre but that's not what I mean. I pick up and start new armies every few months and even then I generally don't follow through but then again that seems to be a common affliction.Truth is I never played any games. I collected and painted, took part in online debates and lurked but I didn't put plastic to table and roll those dice. That's not to say that you have to but it is a big part of the hobby. And I didn't really do it.


I actually finished an army of Ogres for Kings of War. I have a local opponent for Kings of War who has a man-cave set up with a 6 by 4 table and is ready to play. We've played two games which isn't a lot but as we have kids and lives (to some degree on my part) that's good all things considering. I won the first game as well which is encouraging. I went to a tournament and despite coming dead last, I had a whale of a time.

It turns out playing Kings of War is awesome (this wasn't really in doubt but a hypothetical proposition none-the-less). Happily the club that put on the event is into Kings of War, and drive-able. I'm gonna try and get down once a month to get some games in. Hopefully not agasint Trev "The Treeman" Taylor. This guy was a thorn in my side in the last tourney game.

Sadly the most local club to me isn't so inclined or as seemingly friendly. I went into the local FLGS only yesterday where my 'local' club is based from, looking to buy some basing materials and potentially some Cold One Knights, but having interrupted a conversation about late war heavy soviet tanks by having the audacity to want to buy something wasn't made to feel welcome in the slightest. It's okay though, I can buy from the internet and not feel like I'm an invader in some special club.

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